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Choosing My Name, And Other Mistakes: Ch 26THE END
To be honest, I’m not clear about much of what happened for the next several days. I know the medics greeted Prime like a savior. (I saw his spark shrink at first in the face of their blind faith, but he held onto us and rallied.) I know we were all bustled into a long room lined with berths on which lay the first forty or fifty femmlings, quivering in a half-sleep through withdrawal. I know Prime’s optics went dim when he saw them. I know I nodded when he turned to me. So we began.
There was always a spark in front of me: some wisp of tattered red or green or blue or white. They blurred together. But I tried to see them clearly. I remember cubes of energon thrust into my trembling hand (and later, when I could no longer hold them, someone would press them against my lips and pour). I drank thirstily, burning through the fuel. But I kept my optics open.
I gripped Prime’s upraised arm with my right hand, and filled the cable running from my wrist to his with wha
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Choosing My Name, And Other Mistakes: Ch 25
It was Elita-One, not Optimus Prime, who opened the door to Megatron’s hammering. Of course I couldn’t see into her spark; but judging from the outside, she looked haggard.
“Megatron, I’m warning you, don’t—” Elita broke off. She cocked her head to look at him more closely, and retreated half a step. “You’ve figured something out.”
“I hope so. I think I know how to save him.”
“Him?” I spluttered, heaving myself upright in his arms. “I thought you said this was about—”
Elita stopped me with an upraised hand. But then her shoulders slumped. “You’re in on it.”
I shook my head vehemently. “Honestly, Elita, I’m not sure what’s going on right now...”
She waved me into silence, sighed, and opened the door wide. “Come in. But no shouting. His pain is worse.”
Megatron carried me inside. I was too bemused to make him put me down.
I hadn
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Cyclonus by Ha-HeePrime Cyclonus :iconha-heeprime:Ha-HeePrime 36 13
Choosing My Name, And Other Mistakes: Ch 24
Sensations told me things were happening to my body. There were footsteps. The persistent beeping of a monitor. The clink of tools. I felt the warmth of a welding flame; the tug of pliers; the pressing tremor of a buffer. Scents of hot solder and melted ducting wafted through my olfactory sensors. Thundercracker’s arms held me through all this, held me tightly against the arrhythmic, panicked flaring of his spark. I tried not to listen to any of it. Not to feel. Mostly, I tried not to think. Not to remember what I’d lost.
Sometimes – the worst times – there were voices.
Suntreaker’s voice, disbelieving: “She’s broken, Prime! How could you let this happen?”
Prime’s voice, shaken: “I made a mistake. I am sorry.”
Megatron’s voice, outraged: “As usual, you think it’s all about you, Prime. But I’m the one who didn’t hold her back.” (Something metallic spanged across the room) “
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A Wild Roddy Appears! by Ha-HeePrime A Wild Roddy Appears! :iconha-heeprime:Ha-HeePrime 31 10 Nick Roche's 'Transformation' Prime Commission by Ha-HeePrime Nick Roche's 'Transformation' Prime Commission :iconha-heeprime:Ha-HeePrime 27 8 Command Triad Spark-Windows by Ha-HeePrime Command Triad Spark-Windows :iconha-heeprime:Ha-HeePrime 6 3
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Choosing My Name, And Other Mistakes: Ch 23 :iconha-heeprime:Ha-HeePrime 0 3
After-Work Gabfest by Ha-HeePrime After-Work Gabfest :iconha-heeprime:Ha-HeePrime 19 5
Choosing My Name, And Other Mistakes: Ch 22
I watched the city lights come on; watched my fellowmechs drive or fly along the well-organized, multi-layered travel-grid beneath me; watched the stars roll slowly up the sky. Tried not to think about what might be happening to Andromeda right now (was unsuccessful). Thought about returning to the Command Center, of pestering everybody until they found me some way I could feel like I was helping. But I knew that I’d just slow them down. Someone would comm me if they found Octane and needed my to spy into his spark. Till then, I was superfluous.
I missed my makers. I missed home. I missed my sisters. I missed Spangle. I missed Megatron –  the perfect, nonexistent version of him that had once comforted me. (The obnoxious, real-life Megatron had made those memories obsolete and robbed them of their power.) I was a newling out of place: frightened and lonely. And although I knew it wasn’t true, I still felt like I’d been discarded.
Around midnight the d
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Valentines by Ha-HeePrime Valentines :iconha-heeprime:Ha-HeePrime 20 6 Valentines, ver. 1 by Ha-HeePrime Valentines, ver. 1 :iconha-heeprime:Ha-HeePrime 7 3
Choosing My Name, And Other Mistakes: Ch 21
The sleeping quarters were several floors down. I’m not sure what I’d expected, but it wasn’t what they showed me.
“Here you are, ‘Spark.” Prime indicated the first of many doors on one side of a long, curved hallway. “This one will be yours today.” He opened it, and all four of us stepped through.
We all fit in, because the room on the other side stretched halfway around the Citadel. Every one of the twenty or so other doors I’d seen led into it. Every few feet, down its great curving length, there was a berth. I blinked. “What in the world...?”
Prime gave a low chuckle. “Leave it to Shockwave to design something this insanely logical. These are the communal charge-banks, for anyone who needs to top-up while they’re working here.” He pointed to the far end-wall (which, unlike the rest, was a folded-steel curtain), and put a finger to his lips. “It looks like someone’s resting in the l
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Choosing My Name, And Other Mistakes: Ch 20
I rode back up the elevator with the Command Triad, clutching my cube of warm energon in one hand, and an old bucket in the other. (“In case it happens again,” Ratchet had said when he handed it to me.) It was the same bucket I’d been sitting on a half-hour earlier, when we’d been introduced to Starlight.
“Does everything always happen this fast?” I asked them plaintively. “How did you survive millions of years of it?”
Prime chuckled. “Life is often dull and boring, I assure you.” A chime dinged, and we arrived back at the top floor of the Citadel.
Elita looked me over, sighed, and walked to a small door between two of the high windows. She beckoned me to follow, and held the door open for me. “I like to come here when I need a rest,” she said simply. We stepped out onto a little balcony, and were hit by the force of the pre-dawn wind.
The abrupt change from quiet interior to wide, windy world triggered anothe
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Choosing My Name, And Other Mistakes: Ch 19
I know we took the elevator down to the Medbay on the second floor. But I remember almost nothing of the trip. I kept tucking my head to hide the unstoppable grin that kept on pulling at my mouth. This was surreal. I wondered what Windchaser would do, if she saw me walking arm-in arm with Megatron behind the other two Commanders. We met several other bots along the way, including Chromia and Ironhide; and let me tell you, their expressions were worth archiving forever.
The Medbay floor looked nothing like the Citadel’s top story. It was mostly gray, hard-wearing stuff, no decoration anywhere except for orange running lights along the midpoint of the walls, and clear signs showing the way to rooms like “Electrical,” “Life-Support,” and “Mechanical Supplies”.
We stopped in a high-ceilinged foyer. Through slit-windows at the sides of a massive gray gate (pulled shut, and barred), I glimpsed the shadows of two huge mechs with equally huge gun
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Choosing My Name, And Other Mistakes: Ch 18
I’d spent long enough under the solvent spray to wonder if it might start bleaching out my armor (but not long enough to care whether it did) when Roadbuster came in.
“I heard you’re leaving.”
“Yup.” I nodded, but did not shut down the spray. (Was this how Blot felt all the time? This sense of deep, spark-level filth? I felt I’d never wash away the things I’d seen.)
“Sparkles.” Roadbuster reached behind me, and turned off the solvent.
I finally looked up at him. “Yeah?”
“Spangle told us all what happened.”
I was too worn-thin to feel betrayed. “So?”
Roadbuster shifted his weight from foot to foot. “Look, you’re clean already. Inside and outside.”  He grabbed a random bottle of polish off the communal shelf (knocking over several others in the process). “Here.” He thrust the bottle into my hand, then grabbed a cloth. “Take this too.”
:iconha-heeprime:Ha-HeePrime 1 3
I love my little arts. I hope you do, too.

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Today for a special treat I took husband "Ironhide" and oldest and most steeped in TFdom son "Bee" to a special IMAX/free t-shirt advance screening of Transformers: The Last Knight. It was crazy and fun to do something like this, and we had a blast.


...I didn’t hate it?


– The story moved along at a really nice clip – took a lot of things as read, and didn’t lallygag around. You could definitely tell they got different writers this go-round. The beginning felt particularly strong. Things were DIFFERENT, which was fun to look at; and the whole thing felt like ONE STORY written with the intent to GO TOGETHER. (Catch me, I might faint!)

– The racist/stereotyped characters were kept to a minimum. (Sad that this is a pro. #LowBar) There was one ‘Con that was almost Skids/Mudflap bad, but he [spoiler]. And The Black Kid that worked at the junkyard was basically there to be a thin version of Donut Kid from the ‘07 movie. But he also wasn’t onscreen much.

– The visuals were verreh pretteh. Lots of green grass contrasting with metallic robots. Lots of cool stuff happening.

– The young girl managed not to become a sexpot. (Again, #LowBar!) She doesn’t always have a lot to do, but she survived without being Bayed at. Don’t recall her name, though… The older British girl (also not memorable enough for me to have her name) fared worse, but still wasn’t ever draped over anything. And she did have an important role to play. Huzzah?

– I didn’t flat-out despise any of the humans. Simmons appeared for a bit, and he’s always bugged me; but he was a bit-player. I enjoyed Anthony Hopkins (who seemed to be having fun, and managed to pull off some near-Shia-level babbling lines at some points, so go-go acting skillz I guess). I cheered for the return of Morshower and Lennox, and Marky-Mark never got on my nerves at all. Amazing!

– Quintessa was… sliiiiightly closer to the girl-Primus I’d wanted than just “a Quintesson.” But less realized than she could have been. These movies do not know how to handle their villains; they never make them more than cardboard.

– Robot Pros: Cogman (pronounced COGm’n because British) was pure glee. Hot Rod has a cool gun, though I really don’t care for anything else about him and his accent was gimmicky and pointless. Bumblebee was almost interesting again, and had some good comedy. Hound is love, as always: <3 Kup-Hound 5EVR. And Drift leveled up a lot in meditator-zen-glee; I hated him in AoE, and loved him here. I dug Megatron’s new design a lot more than I thought I would. It was dope. (And Frank Welker got to chew some good scenery in his first scene, especially. I grinned.) There was some Hearts of Steel historical design that I loved for a few seconds.

– Watching it in IMAX with a crowd that cheered the opening Paramount logo sound effects was very fun. Sitting between 15-year-old Bee and my beloved Ironhide, and sharing the experience and jokes with them was THE BEST. It was really great to be able to lean over to Bee and grin, “They’re riding MARB’s!”


– Seriously, these movies have NO IDEA what to do with Megatron. He’s just… there for most of it. No sense of agency or purpose. I mean, he was trying to do something, but never felt like a real threat.

– Ditto Prime, only perhaps even more-so. Seriously, half my lines were “I am Optimus Prime.” What am I, a LITERAL TOY ON THE SHELF now??? Also, I failed because my response to the “We were brothers, once” line was, “Once.” [*shove*]Which, I mean, to be fair, all right. But still. Alas for the teamup that might have been. They try to give me “Cool Lines”™ but they don’t land. And all the bots swooning over how awesome I am can’t sell it if I’m not LEGITIMATELY AWESOME, instead of Nemmying around like a Dark Awakened dork. I feel very, very, very sad and sorry for Peter Cullen. I wonder if he’s given up.

--MIIIIIIIIICK-GUFFFFFINZ!!! “We Must Get The ___ To Save The World Because Reasons!!” Whatever.

– Megatron’s picks for his team were TRASH. I cheered for Onslaught, because he’s a dude I know. But he’s useless. And all the others have trash names and are Useless! Rubbish! (See also: obnoxious mohawk dude whom I insta-despised.) Barricade was there, which is great; I love him; but he doesn’t DO anything. There’s a little callback to his chase with ‘Bee in the first movie, but it don’t come to nuthin. Darn. I miss having fun Decepticons as well as fun Autobots. I genuinely LIKED the bots in the first movie. Oh well.

– There was wasted potential in the teamup between [spoiler] and Megatron. Remember how I said this movie felt at least like it was all one story meant to go together? Well, that don’t mean it farms, y’all. There was so much going on that nothing had time to really dig in and stick. People are doing things, and we understand why, but it all feels very hand-wavy. There are A! LOT! of plot things that appear without explanation (the very fun fanservice tiny [spoilers], for instance: Why? Are they the same as the big ones, or different? Where’d they come from? No one cares. But they were cute, and I welcome fun in these movies. Fun is NECESSARY.) So yeah – lots of times when I went, “Wait, how did----?” then just shrugged it off.

– Once again, no great music-cues. I remember there being very little music at all, in fact. (Although, oh my gosh, there is this EPIC! part with Cogman. Holy heck it was glee. But I can’t tell you. Just watch for it – you’ll know when you get there.) Looks like mah dude Steve Jablonsky is no longer feeding my particular craving. Alas.

– There’s a cool thing they’ve taken from the Transformers: Prime series, but it’s just put in as setup for the next film. They never do anything with it. So while in TFP it was revelatory and completely new, here it just feels thrown out for nothing. I do like that they’re trying to establish an ongoing larger universe now. But that means leaving us hanging. (Spoilerish comment: There’s a gal that appears in the very end that I want to be Armada Sideways SO! BAD! Because that character is SO AWESOME and would be so goshdarn cool in this movieverse. Alas, I don’t write these films. But hey – it’s another Actual Female Character who might have Something To Actually Do, so there’s that crumb…)

Overall Rating….. 5 out of 10? Maybe 6? I’ve lost my ability to be objective on these things. Better than AoE (as all things are); not nearly as annoying as most Bay-movies; plot appears somewhat coherent and contains potential; verreh pretteh.  


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