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I love my little arts. I hope you do, too.

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Despite Appearances, It's NOT LIKE THAT!

So yeah. I want there to be a deep friendship between Megs and Prime, but not a romantic connection. And so I've been known to occasionally trawl through the M/OP stuff to find some of the less-smutty pics. And I fave the tar outta 'em.

Notch____Nothing_Just_Happened by LB82DESTROYED IN SILENCE by LALAaxGot Yer Back, Glitch by Ha-HeePrimeDedicate to Storm by PrimaCatLaurentian Sunrise by RazzieMbessaiOptimus and Megatron are BFF by lexi-kistTF sequentials by dcjoshTFP: Forget me not by LarbestaTFP:Friend... by norunn8931TFP Optimus , Megatron -2 by GoddessMechanic:thumb329287589:

STAMPS! Because I Must Proclaim!

Autobot Stamp by v-for-vincent
My Name Is Prime Stamp by Ha-HeePrimeMegatron Origin Fan Stamp by Frenetic-KineticIt's Not Like That Stamp by Ha-HeePrimeBond Brothers Stamp by Ha-HeePrimeCritique Me Stamp by curious-noxDA Fanfic Writer by WearwolfaaImaginary Friends by WhiteRaven90Pinkimus Stamp by ZombiesAsAMetaphorMusic-stamp by ILoveKnucklesShadowNot All Fanfiction is Porn Stamp by Ha-HeePrime
MTMTE Rewind stamp by D-NightRainMTMTE Chromedome stamp by D-NightRain
MTMTE Tailgate stamp by D-NightRainMTMTE Cyclonus stamp by D-NightRainMTMTE Whirl stamp by D-NightRain


The Difference, Colored by Ha-HeePrime
The Difference, Colored
It's finally finished!
This is the great :iconchannandeller:'s linework for a TF Mosaic piece back in the day: TF:M The Difference... by channandeller

I colored the first panel alone a few years back, but never got brave enough to tackle the entire page. Till now. I've been lucky enough that channandeller has always supported me putting markers onto his lineart for this piece. But it's intimidating! There's so much going on here! And I so wanted to do the art justice. It's in my top 10 faves of all time. And I'm not alone in thinking this; the guys at the local copy place made one extra printout when I went in and got this put onto some good 11x17" comic board for Markerin'. They begged and pleaded to be allowed to keep it. So pal, your artwork is hanging in the back of the shop here, inspiring everyone who works there. They love it. Just sayin'!

I wanted to color this in intense colors. Because what's happening is intense, all right. I wanted the look to accentuate the emotionality of the conflict. I always color this in sunset. but whereas last time I actually put the sun in, this time I did not. It's down just past the right side of the page, I guess. I had it in, but it was distracting, and I realized the lightsource in the lineart did not quite mesh with where I'd put it. So, no visible sun.

I absolutely LOVE all the debris in this. I say it every time. But trying to get everything colored and cool-lookin' while not detracting from the bots themselves proved a real challenge -- especially in that central panel. Oh man. Megs DID NOT want to stand out from the background. I tried. 

There's such wonderful continuity in this line work. Everything feels like it's actually there, like the bots are moving through an existing space. So good! I am so honored to have been allowed to color this piece.  

Prismacolor markers on 11x17" comic board, with bits of colored pencil [to cover mistakes] and even white gel pen where I absolutely had to make Megs's legs pop out from the background. 

AARGH. Please forgive how the scanner ate it.

MTMTE 37 -- Cyclonus Says Sorry

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 8, 2015, 9:19 PM
I'm reposting a FB spew on here once again. Y'all here are my Art Peeps, the people for whom this is important enough to make art about. So I'd like your thoughts and maybe support too, if you've got it.


It's that time again -- time for Prime to post some IMPORTANT FEELINGS!!1 about the latest MTMTE issue.
This time, it's regarding Cyclonus, Tailgate, and abusive relationships. 
(They're robots, but they're also us, yanno?)

OK. So Wednesday morning, when I was too sleep-fogged to remember to stay off the internet and avoid spoilers, I read a TF Fandom Mainstay's unusually snarky post: "Cyclonus APOLOGIZED for abusing Tailgate, so that ship is totally OK & not problematic at all cos people who apologize NEVER abuse again." And it hurt my little heart far more than I'd have expected. (Mostly because I respect the heck outta the guy and love his nerdknowledge and his rants. I just plain Like the guy.) A few days after reading the comic, and post-listening to The Underbase review, I'm... yeah, I'm gonna weigh in.

To anyone who reads this, thank you for letting me get my thoughts out.

The Cyclonus and Tailgate journey is more important to me than anything else in MTMTE. Yeah.
Because, to me, it's always and still and forever about HOPE. Hope for humanity. Hope for myself. Hope that change for the better is possible. Yeah. I know that sounds silly and hyperbolic. But it's true anyway.

I totally agree that an abuser's apology does not guarantee future safety. I also agree that this particular twosome is more than a little problematic, what with Tailgate being basically a highly-impressionable child, and Cyclonus being so uncaring 99% of the time. But classing Cyclonus as an abuser ticks me off. And hurts my heart. Because if he's an abuser for losing it ONE TIME, than I'm also an abuser. So are most people I know. And if what we're saying here is that he's completely untrustworthy because of that one loss of control, it hamstrings my whole "This is about HOPE!" thing.

And I so want that apology scene (both Cyc sayin' it, and TG not squeebling all over it) to be another minuscule step in their long tally of minuscule steps, toward a healthy, self-aware adulthood for Tailgate, and to Cyclonus accepting and living in the present reality. I want it to be possible for people to grow from their experiences. I want these two giant alien robots to be seen as examples of how WE can grow and change, how WE'RE not stuck in our current faults and fallacies. And I guess I crave (as always) a story that affirms my own belief that being nice to people makes a difference. I don't want it all to be tossed out as just "an abusive relationship," and given up on.

Come on, people, we're better than that.


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