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Rhinox: Pwnz by Ha-HeePrime Rhinox: Pwnz by Ha-HeePrime
This is :iconkluyten:'s Rhinox lineart, which he graciously let me color. (I'm still on this quick jag of turning out pinups as fast as I can, to try to get past the freezing overthink-->overwork-->almost-ruin pattern I'd fallen into by doing a lot of detailed work, before I start a new super-secret -- and super-detailed -- color project. Gotta get past the fear so I can do a good job on that.)

Rhinox: This dude is the man. Seriously. I loved him so hard in Beast Wars. (We do not speak of Beast Machines :chainsaw: )
And there is a SAD lack of good fanart for him. (For all of Beast Wars, actually -- It must've hit just before the internet fanart explosion)

I do what I can, and am grateful to Koen for doing so, too.

Make More Beast Wars Fanart, Peeps! The world must remember the glory that was good character writing!

Er, I have spoken.

Markers on greenish-cream cardstock.

Seriously, everybody, give *kluyten a look. His style is totally unique.

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Slagpit Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Looks awesome... might have gone with a slightly darker green, but that's me. interesting perspective for the illo, don't see too many top-down like that.
Ha-HeePrime Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, I liked that top-down thing.
I was actually going for high contrast in the green, because it's SO SHINY, and to make that look different from the furrier (and less contrasty) brown bits. But perhaps the highlights are taking over the "real color."
Thanks for your comments.
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